Sterne Digital Library is a project funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. It explores eighteenth-century afterlives and early adaptations of Laurence Sterne’s fiction through digitising rare items collected by J.C.T. Oates, now held by Cambridge University Library.

A major output of the project is the open-access Laurence Sterne and Sterneana database, hosted by Cambridge Digital Library, which is the first digital edition of Sterne’s works and Sterneana. It is currently available as a website in development. When it is complete it will be a searchable research tool for helping understand the relationships between classic literary works and fan fiction and the role of creative adaptation across different media.

The Sterne Digital Library project will hold a conference in 2020 (read the cfp here) and will generate new research on digitally editing visually experimental texts, aiming to explore how big data can help us understand literary experimentation and book design.

Meet the Team

L-R: Helen Williams; Katherine Aske; Huw Jones; Mary Newbould; Montana Davies-Shuck

We will share research news and extra data from the project here, on this WordPress site, so follow us to keep informed.

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